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FAI Police and Law Enforcement Operations

Law Enforcement Training and Certification

Airport Police and Fire Officers (APFOs) are State Certified Law Enforcement Officers certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC). Airport Police have statewide jurisdiction and general powers of arrest and are employed by the Alaska Department of Transportation. Initial Police training and certification requirements include attendance at either the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Training Academy or the Tanana Valley Campus Police Academy and a rigorous Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP).

A typical Airport Police and Fire Officer Recruit will undergo 12 months of training and evaluation before being fully certified and operational APFO. Many advanced training opportunities exist for officers who wish to specialize in a particular field. Currently, the Airport has APFOs assigned to the Alaska State Trooper SERT Team and the Airport Drug and Alcohol Interdiction Team. Many officers also have intermediate and advanced Police Officer certifications as well as advanced training and certification as: Defensive Tactics Instructors, Data Master Supervisors, Firearms Instructors and Armorers, Evidence Custodians, and Drug Detection Dog Handlers.

Airport Police Duties & Functions

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