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Aircraft Tiedowns

The Tiedown Program Office is now located at:
Airport Administration Office
6450 Airport Way, Ste. 1 - Google Map
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
907-474-2520 or 907-474-2525

Renting Tiedown Space

To rent a space you must:

  1. To select a Tiedown space, please refer to the maps below
    (Tiedown Office will be able to assist in open spaces)
  2. Submit a signed and completed Tiedown Application and Permit
  3. Pay Tiedown Fees
  4. Provide proof of ownership by providing copy of Aircraft Registration

Maps of these areas may be accessed below:

Float pond Gravel tiedowns Paved tiedowns

Our tiedowns are designated by the following categories:

  • 126 paved spaces without electricity, of which 12 are taxi-through spaces & 30 are designated for Transient parking.
  • 155 paved spaces with electricity, of which 43 are taxi-through spaces & 5 are designated for Transient parking.
  • 180 float spaces, 4 are designated for Transient, and are located on the east side of the pond.
  • 19 unpaved spaces located on the Gravel Tiedown.
  • 15 unpaved Air Camping Park Transient Parking.

Tiedown Building Permits

To build or add fuel tanks you must:

  1. Apply for a building permit through the Tiedown Office.
  2. Only applicable for leased spaces on the Float Pond or Gravel Tiedown. Tiedown Building Permit Application
  3. Must receive written approval to add or transfer any building / fuel tanks on leased property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Can I install a fuel tank or dry shed on my Tiedown space?
Answer Yes you can, but only on a leased Float Pond or Gravel space. Please refer to the Building Permit section or contact the Tiedown Office for more information.

Question What are the requirements for renting a tiedown space?
Answer You must own or lease an airworthy aircraft that you intend to park in the space and list on your permit. In addition, the aircraft must be float-equipped if you are renting a float space. "Airworthy" and "float-equipped aircraft" are defined in 17 AAC 42.699 as follows:

"Airworthy" means the condition of an aircraft that is legally authorized and mechanically capable of flight through the air.

"Float-equipped aircraft" means an aircraft that is on floats or is equipped for floats that are temporarily off the aircraft but are on the assigned tiedown space.

Question What kind of documentation do I need to prove that I am the owner or lessee of the aircraft listed on my permit?
Answer You must provide one of the following for each aircraft you list on your permit:

  • A copy of the current aircraft registration in your name;
  • A copy of an application for aircraft registration, AC Form 8050-1, in your name

Question Can I rent out my tiedown space or let others use my tiedown space free of charge?
Answer You may not transfer your permit, sublet the space, or allow a person to park an aircraft not listed on the permit in your space.

Question Can I add another person, such as my spouse or a friend, to my tiedown permit?
Answer You may add another person to your permit only if that person separately applies and qualifies for a permit and is the first person on the applicable wait list. If a person is added to your permit, that person must comply with all requirements applicable to your permit, including being an owner or lessee of an aircraft listed on the permit. Transferred spaces are not permissible due to a wait list that may apply. Please contact the Tiedown Office with any changes that may occur.

Question When will my permit expire? How do I apply for a new one?
Answer All permits will expire on March 31, 2020. A permittee who wishes to retain his tiedown space after the expiration of his permit must apply for a subsequent permit. The application will be approved if it is determined that 1) the space is not needed for airport expansion, development, operation, or other state purpose, and 2) the permittee qualifies for a permit and is in compliance with the Tiedown Regulations. The Tiedown Office will send notices and application forms to permittees before their permits expire for their convenience in applying for a new permit.

Question How do I get on a switch list or wait list?
Answer To be placed on a switch list or wait list you must file a switch list application or a wait list application with the Tiedown Office. Switch lists for the various categories of spaces are maintained to allow a permittee to apply for another space in the same category as the space he or she currently rents. Contact the Tiedown Office to inquire about your position on a switch list.

Wait lists are maintained for the various categories in which demand exceeds supply. You do not need to own an aircraft to be placed on a wait list, but you must own or lease an aircraft to rent a space. For your position on a wait list please contact the Tiedown Office for more information.


Tiedown fees are payable semiannually in advance on or before June 30 and December 31 each year. There is no application fee. To view tiedown fees, visit the Airport Fee Schedule

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