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East Ramp Training and Newcomer Information

Fairbanks International Airport provides a number of services and facilities that are available to aircraft owners and pilots on the airport’s East Ramp.

Please watch the East Ramp informational video and review our newcomer information on this page prior to operating on the FAI East Ramp.

Please remember:

When driving on the East Ramp and Float Pond road areas here are several recommendations:

  • Remain alert and actively scan around you for aircraft, pedestrians or other vehicles
  • Remain aware of your location and pay close attention to signs and markings
  • Proceed cautiously at a speed that will allow you to see and avoid other aircraft, vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions such as cell phones, conversations and listening to car radios.
  • When yielding to aircraft, pull well out of the way and stop to wait for the aircraft to pass before continuing.

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