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Permits - Ground Transportation & Business Activity

Business Activity Permit

photo FAI constructionA person must hold a current business activity permit before engaging in any of the following on the Airport:

  1. an aircraft maintenance or repair business;
  2. a business that performs aircraft ground handling services;
  3. a commercial fueling service;
  4. a valet parking service;
  5. tour reception in a department-operated terminal building;
  6. catering for in-flight meals;
  7. a mobile food service business;
  8. selling, offering for sale, or providing goods or services commercially to the general public in a department-operated terminal building or airport parking area, including use of terminal space for distribution of pre-ordered merchandise.

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Ground Transportation Permits

AOA Vehicle Permit

To request a Vehicle Permit for businesses currently authorized to operate vehicles in the Airport Operations Area (AOA), please complete the AOA Vehicle Permit Application below and submit to the Badging & Permits Office.

For vehicles that will be used on the AOA for less than three (3) months, request a Temporary Vehicle Permit from:

Commercial Passenger Vehicle Permit

To operate a commercial passenger vehicle business on an airport, a person must hold a current commercial passenger vehicle permit. 17 AAC 42.990 (Definitions) defines "commercial passenger vehicle" as follows:

"Commercial passenger vehicle" means a taxicab, limousine, van, bus, motor coach, shuttle, or other motor vehicle used to transport passengers for compensation. It includes a vehicle used to transport passengers as part of a pre-ticketed tour or excursion.

For Taxicab Permit:

For all Commercial Passenger Vehicle Permits contact:

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