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Transient Aircraft Parking

Floatplanes on FAI float pond. ©Photo courtesy of Hugh Rose

Wheel and ski transient parking is available in rows 11 - 14 of the paved parking ramp in front of the Tower.

Electrical parking row 23.

Transient float spaces are available on the northeast end of the float pond, 160-163.

Transient aircraft parking is also available in the air-park, located at the north end of Taxiway Charlie.



Transient aircraft parking fees are $10.00 per day for paved and float spaces, and $15.00 per day for spots with electricity (south side, row 22 plus 1/2 of row 23). Air-park spaces are $10.00 per day, including the day of arrival and the day of departure. Payment envelopes and collection boxes are located in the pilot's lounge at the base of the air traffic control tower, at the south end of the float pond, or in the air-park.


Please direct all parking inquiries to Republic Parking:

Del Watkins, Manager
907-455-4572 (fax)