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Mission, Values and Goals

Photo: a sunset takeoff at FAI

Our Mission

“Providing Interior Alaska’s Gateway to the World while keeping Alaska flying and thriving”


Core Values

Integrity: Honesty, dependability, unity, and a high ethical standard
Enterprising: Innovative, proactive, pioneering, business-centric airport system
Excellence: Commitment to improve and a passion to provide superior service & infrastructure
Respect: Professional regard for colleagues and customers


Our Goals

AIAS is the global nexus for aviation-related commerce and as such FAI will:
  • Be a model government-owned enterprise, adaptive and agile
  • Proactively address global changes and world markets
  • Operate safely while striving for efficiency
  • Be a coveted place to work
  • Optimize our contribution to Alaska’s economy and quality of life
  • Involve, value, and balance the interests of stakeholders


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Fairbanks International Airport
6450 Airport Way
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709