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FAI Police and Law Enforcement Operations

Airport Police Duties and Functions

  • Enforce Airport Security Program
  • Enforce Federal and State Aviation Regulations
  • Provide Public Service and Information
  • Enforce Vehicular Traffic Regulations
  • Conduct Field Interviews on Suspicious Individuals
  • Investigate Missing Persons/Intercept Runaway Juveniles
  • Conduct Criminal and Non-Criminal Investigations
    • Aircraft, Industrial, Vehicular, Security, Criminal
  • Collect/Process/Preserve Evidence
  • Conduct Interviews and Interrogations
  • Develop Informants to aid in Criminal Investigation
  • Write Police and Incident Reports
  • Interact with and Assist Local/State/Federal Agencies
  • Coordinate w/District Attorneys Office
    • Serve Court Orders
    • Obtain/Execute Arrest and Search Warrants
    • Testify in Court (State and Federal)
  • Transport/Escort Prisoners
  • Animal Control/Wildlife Hazing
  • Vehicle and Aircraft Impounds
  • Notification of Death Services
  • Assist with VIP Details/Vehicle Escorts in Restricted Areas
  • Cooperative Task Forces and Special Duties as Assigned

Law Enforcement Training & Certification


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Fairbanks International Airport
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