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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2019
Contact: Chief Aaron Danielson, 907-474-2575

The Fairbanks International Airport Seeks the Public’s Assistance in Reducing the Importation of Illegal Substances to Rural Alaska Communities

(Fairbanks, AK) - The Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) Police and Fire Department have seized a total of 222.8 liters of alcohol, with an estimated street value of over $133,000 and 144 grams of illegal drugs, destined for rural Alaskan communities in the last six months. These seizures of illegal items resulted in 32 criminal charges against 21 bootleggers.

FAI, often in cooperation with concerned Alaskans, works to keep illegal drugs and alcohol out of rural Alaskan communities that transit through the airport. The department is committed to reducing the rate of bootlegging, with the goal to intercept ALL illegal importations at FAI.

FAI is asking for the public’s assistance in reducing the amount of illegal substances destined for rural Alaskan communities. Community members can assist by providing tips and information that the department can act upon to STOP bootlegging and smuggling of illegal drugs and alcohol.

The public can contact the FAI tip line anonymously at 1-877-847-4342 (1-877-TIP4FIA) or email

All tips will be investigated. Please be as detailed as possible, for example:

  • Who;
  • What;
  • When;
  • Where; and
  • How people are smuggling the illegal substances.

FAI would like to thank everyone that has already assisted in reducing the flow of illegal drugs and alcohol to rural Alaskan communities.

For more information about the FAI Police and Fire department, visit


About Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks International Airport is the gateway to Alaska’s interior and Denali National Park. It’s one half of the Alaska International Airport System and serves more than a million passengers annually. Equipped to handle any size and type of aircraft, anytime, with state-of-the-art landing systems and terminal facilities. Accounts for 1 in 20 jobs for a total of 1,900 jobs in Fairbanks.