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Statewide Materials

Qualified Products List (QPL)

Welcome to DOT&PF's QPL System

This webpage provides access to the QPL System with information about all the products that are currently qualified for use on applicable DOT&PF projects. It has categories for both Airport and Highway Construction Products as well as a Maintenance Products category for use. Qualified products are those that are demonstrated to meet Standard Specifications or Standard Modifications. Products are qualified for up to a three-year term. The QPL categories, sections and product types are listed on the left side of the screen. Products are listed on the right side of the screen.

Public access is provided for all qualified products including:

  • Category of products, e.g., Airport or Highway Construction
  • Specification sections with clickable listings that show the requirements are listed under each category
  • Product types and exact standard specification references are under the sections
  • The QPL categories and sections are expanded by clicking on the “+” on the left side of them
  • Qualified products in each category and/or section are viewed by clicking the black print on the category or section
  • Information on the product is provided in the applications by clicking on them as shown on the left side of the screen
  • Several search methods available and products may be sorted by clicking the column headings.
  • Construction personnel using computers to find products that will meet project requirements.

Once a product is found that appears to meet the project requirements it may be:

  • Submitted by Reference Number (Ref No.) to the Project Engineer for approval
  • It is reviewed by project staff and may be accepted if the Project Engineer agrees it meets project requirements
  • There is a block for “DOT Notes” to check on each application that are intended to give guidance for review of the product.
  • If accepted, the Ref. No. is recorded on the project’s Materials Certification List (MCL) or whatever documentation is used.
  • Final acceptance on the project depends on inspection that the qualified product is provided.

Manufacturers/Suppliers—after establishing an account to login you will be able to:

  • Create and submit on-line product applications and supporting documents and contact information
  • Track the application’s progress through the evaluation process
  • Manage products and applications
  • Manage contact information

Designers are invited to use the QPL to be sure products are available that meet requirements.

Qualified Products on this list are not guaranteed as appropriate at the project level since it may have special requirements. Approval by the DOT&PF project engineer is needed before incorporating any product into the project.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this QPL contact the coordinator or manager listed in the “Contact” section on the QPL. Dated monthly copies are made of the QPL are available upon request to the coordinator.

NOTE: Products on the QPL do not consider or address compliance with Buy America or Alaska Agricultural/Wood Products. See Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, Section 106, for Buy America certification requirements.

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