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Active Transportation in Alaska

Julius Adolfsson
Statewide Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator

This website features information on active transportation in Alaska and is designed to help you locate the programs and features that support active transportation in Alaska. As American's concept of quality of life is changing, our neighborhoods and transportation systems are adapting. Trails, paths, and bicycle routes are springing up across the country and Alaska. The active transportation facilities and network will help offset environmental and health concerns by providing another travel option – whether commuting across town or a cross country adventure. If you're interested in bikepacking in Alaska or just want to know how to get around, you can navigate over to the travel resources tab above. Where possible, we provide links to local tourism sites for more detailed information about travel amenities and features in each area.

Bikepackers on the Craig-Klawock HighwayBikepackers on the Craig-Klawock Highway
Photo by Corbyn Jahn

photo bikers on Richardson Highway
Cyclists on Richardson Hwy in the Tanana Valley
Photo by Bob Laurie, Alaska DOT&PF

Alaska Statewide Active Transportation Plan (ASATP)
A Vision for Making Alaska's Communities Safe, Active, Accessible

The 2019 ASATP will help the Sate of Alaska with an updated approach to active transportation planning. It acknowledges the progress that has been made since the previous Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted in 1994. The ASATP sets a framework for how to plan and measure progress toward a vision for increase and safer active transportation opportunities and activity levels across the state. The plan is consistent with the "family of plans" such as the Long Range Transportation Plan. The plan can be found at the Active Transportation Long Range Plan web page.