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Alaska Standard Plans Manual

Effective September 15, 2022

Individual Plans

Individual plans are available as Adobe Acrobat files (*.pdf). Select a category from the menu below to view the list of files.

We have compiled a repository for ACAD files and SPDR files for DOT&PF use. Those files are available on the Statewide Preconstruction Standards Section Sharepoint site (password protected).

Please direct any questions to Danielle Ericksen at (907) 269-4886.

Development Reports

When selecting an Alaska Standard Plan (ASP) for use on projects, consult the companion Standard Plan Development Report (SPDR).  The SPDR is prepared by a Professional Engineer and provides background and guidance on the selection, application, restrictions, and qualifying conditions for use of the associated ASP.  In some cases, the SPDR provides construction and inspection guidance also.


Not used.

Construction-Barricades & Signing

C-04.12 Location of Double Traffic Fine Signs
C-05.20 Interim Pavement Markings
C-06.00 Roadside Safety Treatment for Work Zones

Erosion & Landscaping

E-09.00 Slope Rounding and Warping

Fences & Gates

F-01.04 Chain Link Fence
F-03.02 Chain Link Fence Gate
F-04.02 Woven Wire Fence
F-05.12 Woven Wire Fence with Barbed Wire

Intersections, Approaches & Pavement

I-20.20 Curb Cut, Curb and Gutter, and Curb Ramp Details
I-21.12 Parallel Curb Ramp
I-22.11 Perpendicular Curb Ramp
I-30.10 Accessible Parking
I-81.00 Superelevation Transition

Rest & Recreation Facilities

Not used.


U-03.01 Thrust Blocks for Water Main and Hydrant

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