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Bridge Design

Rotating ImagesThe Bridge Section is a statewide unit. Our function is twofold: (1) we provide design services and consultant oversight for new bridge and/or bridge rehabilitation construction projects and; (2) we provide a broad range of services associated with the existing inventory of the State's 1,000 public highway bridges.

Our design services consist of developing plans, specifications, and estimates for in-house designs, review of consultant designs, special projects such as hi-mast luminaire poles, or special structural evaluations for other agencies. Hydraulic and hydrologic designs and studies are an integral part of this process, as is construction project assistance. Services associated with the existing inventory of bridges include: performing biennial bridge to insure safety for the traveling public; developing repair recommendations for existing bridges; working with Maintenance & Operations (M&O) staff to prioritize bridge repairs; design repairs for M&O staff; performing load ratings on bridges; working with the Divisions of  Weights and Measures staff to optimize hauling of overloads across bridges; load posting and closing of deficient bridges; and providing comments and suggestions to the Statewide Planning Division staff for programming bridge replacements and repairs.

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