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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Support Services (DBE/SS) Program

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services (DBE/SS) Program is one that has been consistently operated as an adjunct to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program; statutory authorization exists for the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) implementation of the program. The primary purpose of the DBE/SS is to provide training, assistance, and services to minority, disadvantaged, and women business enterprises so as to increase their activity in the program, and to facilitate the firms' development into viable, self-sufficient organizations capable of competing for, and performing on federally assisted highway projects.

The DBE/SS program is designed to contribute to the growth and eventual self-sufficiency of certified DBE firms by providing assistance in the acquisition of skills and the identification of resources so that the firms can ultimately compete on an equal basis for contracts and subcontracts without the assistance of the DBE program.


50% DBE Reimbursement Program:

The 50% DBE Reimbursement Program is designed to empower and support Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), fostering the growth of their businesses and enhancing competitiveness in the marketplace. This initiative approves reimbursement of 50% of the costs incurred for work-related expenses. The financial assistance is targeted at aiding DBEs in covering expenses associated with bidding or completing work on current projects. The program specifies predetermined dollar amounts, with an annual reimbursement cap of $2,500.00 per DBE.

Who qualifies? DBE firms (including employees, owners, or on-site representatives) actively bidding on DOT Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) funded projects or registered on the Bidders Registration are eligible. Only certified DBEs with Alaska as their home base certification can participate in the 50% Reimbursement Program. DBEs certified in states other than Alaska are not eligible, though they can avail of other services provided by the DBE program.

Reimbursement Period for FFY2024: The reimbursement period spans from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024. Reimbursement submissions after the Federal Fiscal Year period closure (unless otherwise approved) will not be accepted.

Reimbursement Limit: The maximum reimbursement per qualifying DBE firm per benefit year is $2,500.00. An additional $2,500.00 may be submitted at the end of the Federal Fiscal Year (September 1-30) if funds are available, but this is not guaranteed.

Training Presentation:

Govology Webinarslogo of Govology

Alaska APEX Accelerators has a partnership with Govology to offer their clients access to free virtual training sessions covering a range of topics, including Government Contracting, marketing strategies, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, proposal crafting, and more!

  • Gain expertise in government contracting for both novice and experienced contractors.
  • Acquire essential skills in locating, bidding, securing, and effectively executing government contracts.
  • Unlock access to valuable insights and resources to excel in the competitive realm of government contracts.

To get access to these free webinars email Jody King, Contract Specialist II at or call at 907-786-7270.

Creating Capability Statement

Alaska APEX Accelerator (formerly known as PTAC) have a free 1 hour training on how to "Create Capability Statement." Utilize this free tool to learn how to market your business, learn what a capability statement is, what it accomplishes and more.

logo for AAA

Training Name: Creating Capability Statement
By: Alaska APEX Accelerator
Link: See training information here.

Your business Capability Statement is a crucial tool in your marketing toolbox. It is a key document for marketing to government agencies; especially since can you can now attach your Capability Statement to your Dynamic Small Business profile! This webinar is designed to help you review your existing capability statement or to give you the directions needed to create one from scratch.

This webinar will discuss:

  • What is a capability statement, and why do you need one?
  • What is a capability statement supposed to accomplish?
  • What information should it convey?
  • What does a capability statement look like? Are there any mistakes to avoid?

Loan Programs Available for DBEs:

Program Provided By Purpose Eligibility
Short Term Lending Program (STLP) US DOT Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Provide revolving lines of credit to finance accounts receivable arising from transportation-related contracts. Provide financial services to disadvantaged and woman-owned enterprises
Micro Loan Program State of Alaska, Division of Investments To promote economic development in Alaska by helping small businesses access needed capital. Loans may be made for working capital, equipment, construction or other commercial purposes for a business located in Alaska.
  • See website for more information.
Microloans U.S. Small Business Administration Microloans can be used for a variety of purposes that  help small businesses expand. Use them when you need less than $50,000 to rebuild, re-open, repair, enhance, or improve your small business. Microloans are available through certain nonprofit, community-based organizations that are experienced in lending and business management assistance. Individual requirements will vary.
504 Loan Program U.S. Small Business Administration The 504 Loan Program provides long-term, fixed rate financing for major fixed assets that promote business growth and job creation. Operate as a for-profit company in the United States or its possessions.
  • See website for more information.
7 (a) Loans U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Short-and long-term working capital
  • Refinancing current business debt
  • Purchasing and installation of machinery and equipment
  • Purchasing furniture, fixtures, and supplies
Some businesses may not qualify for a 7(a) loan. Read more about Terms, conditions, and eligibility.

Surety Bond Guarantee Program

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA guarantees bid, performance, payment, and ancillary surety bonds issued by certain surety companies.

1. Be a small business.
2. Have a small contract. Up to $6.5 million for non-federal contracts and up to $10 million for federal contracts.
3. Pass surety company's evaluation.

2:1 Partnership Microloan Program Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District, Inc. Support economic development purposes including working capital, inventory acquisition, machinery, equipment, construction, installation and renovation of commercial and industrial development that intends to increase permanent jobs. See website for more information.

Stay Informed of Upcoming Events:

Keep yourself updated on our ongoing participation by exploring the Events section on the CRO website. Delve into a detailed compilation of both sponsored and attended events, encompassing a diverse range of activities. Be sure not to miss upcoming events such as the DBE Conference and Alaska Construction Career Day, both slated for this year. Stay tuned for more information, as we will soon provide additional details that promise to enhance your engagement with our initiatives and the valuable causes we champion. Your active involvement is integral to our collective success, and we look forward to sharing these enriching experiences with you.

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