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Renew your DBE/ACDBE Certification

What must I do to maintain my certification as a DBE?

Annual Process: You must provide to AKDOT&PF CRO every year on the anniversary of the date of your certification, a Declaration of No Change along with the Firm's most recent completed Business Federal tax return or tax extension for the current tax year if applicable. The declaration states that there have been no changes in the firm's circumstances affecting its ability to meet the size, disadvantaged status, ownership, or control requirements of 49 CFR Part 26 and Part 23 and 13 CFR Part 121, or any material changes in the information provided in its application form. If you fail to provide the requested information, you will be deemed to have failed to cooperate and your status may be removed.

Annual No Change Declaration

Annual No Change for Alaska Native Corporation-owned firms:
Annual No Change Declaration for ANC-owned firms