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Public Meeting Draft Disparity Study - Public Notice


You are invited to attend the Alaska DOT&PF/MGT Consulting Group DBE Disparity Study Results virtual presentation public meeting on December 22nd from 10 AM to 12 PM AKDT. The DOT&PF and MGT Consulting Group has finalized the most recent Disparity Study and is presenting the results to the public. As you may recall the purpose of the Study is to measure the success of its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program (DBE). The ultimate goal is to provide fair opportunities for all firms interested in doing business with the DOT&PF.

The final report will soon be released and will be available at


The public can also submit comments about DOT&PF’s Availability and Disparity Study Update via or via mail to:

USDOT Significantly Modernizes the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program and Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Regulations

On April 9th, 2024, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) issued a final rule that modernizes the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program and Airport Concessions DBE (ACDBE) program regulations. This Final Rule will modernize existing regulations to improve provisions for the benefit of the program participants and grow firm capacity and owner wealth.

The Civil Rights Office is in the process of reviewing this Final Rule and updating our processes to comply with the new regulations by the given deadline, May 9th, 2024. Our office will send out updates in regards to these changes in order for Alaskan DBE's and ACDBE's to thrive under this Final Rule. For more information about the Final Rule, check out the USDOT website to learn more about what this means for your business. You can also view the Final Rule Webinar recording and access the Final Rule documents on the DBE and ACDBE Final Rule page.

Key changes made to the DBE and ACDBE programs include several provisions that will have a direct impact on eligible firms and the contractors that hire them, such as:   

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  • Streamlining the DBE and ACDBE certification and eligibility process.
  • Adjusting the personal net worth (PNW) cap for inflation for small business owners, including excluding retirement assets from the calculation.
  • Formalizing guidance establishing successful COVID-19 flexibilities such as virtual on-site visits, to conserve certification and firm resources.
  • Modernizing the rules for counting participation by DBE material suppliers and clarifying terminology.
  • Addressing specific distinctive issues with the ACDBE programs involving FAA recipients including holdovers in the definition of "long-term exclusive leases" in the ACDBE program. 
  • Replicating the DBE program's small business element requirements for the ACDBE program.
  • Making technical corrections and other updates such as expediting interstate reciprocity.
  • Expanding recipient reporting requirements to USDOT to gain greater knowledge of DBE/ACDBE characteristics, bidding/solicitation practices and utilization and overall program impact. 
  • Strengthening monitoring and prompt payment requirements.
  • Enhancing ACDBE goal setting and reporting requirements.

A summary table of the final rule can be accessed at:

USDOT will be hosting a series of trainings and informational sessions beginning April 2024. Sign up for the GovDelivery DBE list to receive updates. The DBE/ACDBE Final Rule Webpage is available to learn more about the rulemaking process, trainings and informational sessions as well as other information about the final rule.

Alaska Civil Rights Office

The Civil Rights Office is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all businesses and personnel on Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) projects. It is the policy of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) that no one shall be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability, regardless of the funding source, including Federal Transit Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association and State of Alaska funds.”

Our Mission is to "Keep Alaska Moving through service and infrastructure."

The Civil Rights Vision is to ensure transportation services are provided in a non-discriminatory manner.

DOT&PF has established the following overall DBE goals:

Federal Agency Title Years Goal
FAA DBE Goal Methodology 2023-2025 10.56%
FHWA DBE Goal Methodology 2024-2026 9.39%
FTA DBE Goal Methodology 2021-2023 5.25%
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