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Deicing Information

The Fairbanks International Airport team works diligently to keep runways and other aircraft operations surfaces safely open and operational during some of the harshest weather conditions in the world.  Freezing temperatures, snow, ice, humidity, freezing rain, ice fog, and vast temperature fluctuations in the winter can pose great challenges to airport operations and maintenance staff in their effort to keep surfaces safe and operational for our users.

To assist in combating the harsh Alaskan weather elements, FAI utilizes FAA approved de-icing products as needed on airfield surfaces.  The products used include runway sand, NEWDEAL Blend Solid Airfield Deicer, Ecoway SF, CRYOTECH E36, and Alpine RF-11.  All products are carefully selected not only for their performance for de-icing, but also their safety standards.  The Safety Data Sheets for all four products have been provided for reference.  The products are U.S. DOT FAA approved and meet the requirements of this Advisory Circular.

When airfield deice products are present on FAI surfaces, the type and application areas will be listed in the FAI NOTAMs.  It will be described as either “DEICED LIQUID”, “DEICED SOLID” or “DEICED LIQUID/SOLID” if a combination has been applied.  Please review NOTAMs during preflight planning as the presence of deice materials may have operational significance to aviators.

Any questions regarding the use of the deicing materials at FAI can be forwarded to the FAI Safety Officer, Amanda Stonecipher.


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