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Dalton Byway Corridor Planning Process

Dalton Highway Scenic Byway Corridor Planning Process

Please visit this page often to learn about updates to the Corridor Planning Process for the Dalton Highway Scenic Byway



The entire length of the Dalton Highway was designated a State Scenic Byway in 1998 for its outstanding scenic, natural, cultural, archaeological and recreational qualities.

The Dalton Highway Scenic Byway Corridor Partnership Plan (CPP) is a comprehensive evaluation of the byway’s intrinsic qualities—scenic, natural, historic, cultural, archaeological, and recreational—and serves as a guide for the management, protection, and enhancement of those qualities over time. The CPP is an expression of local desires, written in cooperation with local communities, organizations, businesses, and public agencies.

The CPP Advisory Team—a group of volunteers who participated in the planning effort—feels this document is an avenue for expressing their concerns and the challenges associated with managing this truly unique corridor. The Advisory Team will use the CPP as a tool to educate others about the byway’s intrinsic qualities and their desires for how those qualities should be preserved and enhanced. The Advisory Team also hopes the CPP will assist them in obtaining support and/or funding to alleviate their concerns and address the challenges associated with the annual increase in traffic, both commercial and recreational, and the effect that increase has on the local environment, people, and industries.

Lastly, the CPP describes how byway stakeholders will assume responsibility for the long-term oversight and promotion of the byway’s intrinsic qualities.

A Corridor Partnership Plan is NOT:

  • A top-down land use regulation plan;
  • A mandated document that supersedes local authority;
  • A plan that restricts private property rights;
  • A plan that mandates regulations for viewsheds;
  • A plan to allow the DOT or the federal government to regulate land use outside the roadway right-of-way; or
  • A list of mandated new taxes.


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Project Contact and Information

For more information or to submit comments please contact:
Marcheta Moulton, Scenic Byways Coordinator
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
P.O. Box 112500 (mailing)
3132 Channel Drive, Room 200
Juneau, AK 99811
Phone: 907-465-8769 or 1- 888-PLAN-DOT
Fax: 907-465-6984