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Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

HSIP Tunnel Vision graphic

The HSIP mission is to identify and fund highway safety projects that maximize lives saved and injuries eliminated per dollar spent.


Under the HSIP, DOT&PF Traffic and Safety personnel annually identify high accident locations on Alaska roads, evaluate corrective measures, fund the most cost-effective ones, and evaluate their effectiveness after projects are completed.

There are many competing needs and influences that vie for DOT&PF project funding through other programs. In contrast, HSIP funds are intended to be targeted single-mindedly at life-saving and injury reduction.

  • See 23 CFR 924link exits this website for the regulatory basis for the HSIP

Alaska’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is a federally-mandated program managed by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF).  Its purpose is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries due to crashes on Alaskan roads.

2023 HSIP Handbook PDF (1.2MB) Revised 3/10/2023
ZIP File 2023 HSIP Handbook ZIP File ZIP File(4.4 MB) Revised 3/10/2023

To ensure apples-to-apples comparison of projects, the logic and constants in the following Excel spreadsheets should not be changed. If you feel changes are necessary, please contact the state traffic engineer.
High Accident Location Screening (34 k) Revised 3/10/2023
Pre-Project Ranking, Post-Project Evaluation(520 k) Revised 3/10/2023
Regional Proposed Project Summary(2 MB) Revised 3/10/2023
Regional HSIP Annual Report Worksheet(370 k) Revised 3/10/2023
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