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Design & Construction Standards

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Traffic and Safety

Traffic and Safety personnel focus on improving highway safety and operation. Staff are grouped into statewide and regional offices.

The Statewide Traffic and Safety Office manages the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and develops and implements policy on traffic safety, operation, and traffic control devices.

They produce and maintain the Alaska Traffic Manual, Alaska Sign Design Specifications Manual, traffic-related standard drawings, and the Alaska Highway Safety Improvement Program Handbook. They provide traffic engineering support to regional staff and complete special projects for headquarters management.

The regional Traffic and Safety offices manage regional components of the HSIP and provide traffic engineering support to Planning, Preliminary Design, Design, Construction, and Maintenance staff. They see that regional plans and activities comply with applicable traffic control device standards, and provide expertise on safety countermeasures, traffic signals, street lighting, signs, striping, crashworthy hardware, work zone traffic control, capacity analysis, and railroad crossings.

3132 Channel Dr.
P.O. Box 112500
Juneau, AK 99811-2500
Phone: (907)465-6963
Fax: (907)465-2460

State Traffic & Safety Engineer