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AASHTOWare Project: Submitting Certified Payroll

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There are no implementation updates for Contractors at this time.

AASHTOWare Project (AWP) is a web-based software, used by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities to receive and process the data required to meet federal and state requirements for certified payroll. All contracts awarded after January 1, 2021 will use AWP to submit certified payroll to DOT&PF and DOL.

Below are some answers to the questions we have heard from you. 

How do I get access?

There are two steps to accessing AWP to submit Certified Payroll.

  1. Confirm your business is on the AASHTOWare Vendor List. You can search for your company's name (and IRIS Vendor ID) here: AASHTOWare Vendor List; if your company is not on the list, fill out and email the Substitute Form W-9 . Be sure to include that you need 913 commodity code in your email. For more details see attached Vendor Guidance.

  2. You will need an account to log in, request an AASHTOWare account by filling out the User Access Request Form & email it to

Each AWP account is associated with a particular person and it will be your responsibility to keep your username and password safe. Your account is what you will use to electronically sign the payroll that you submit.

I’m logged into AWP, why can’t I see my contract(s)?

You will need request Contract Authority from the DOT field Staff for every new Contract you are on. This request should include your username, who you will be submitting payroll for and a request for Contract Authority (if you are subcontractor and all your communication is routed through the Prime, this should be no different). Once this is completed you will be able to see the contract, when you click Show first 10 under the Vendor Payroll collapsible on your dashboard.

Forgot your AASHTOWare password? 

To reset your password, email

Why is AASHTOWare so great?

  • No Cost to You: There is no cost to submit your certified payroll in AWP
  • One and Done: Since DOL, DOT, Primes, and Subs will all be using the same system you only need to enter each payroll one time.
  • Easy: Prime Contractors have easy access to subcontractor payroll
  • Web-based: The system is available anywhere there is internet access!

I am an Owner Operator, do I need to submit my payroll through AASHTOWare?

Yes, Owner Operators are required to submit their certified payroll in AASHTOWare Project too. Each Owner Operator will need to follow the steps listed above under How do I get access?

Who can see the payroll I submit?

DOL and DOT&PF staff will only be able to see the information that is appropriate for their position. You will submit all of your certified payroll details in AWP. Prime contractors will be able to see, and check, all their subcontractor’s payroll prior to sending it on to DOL and DOT in the system. The system will take care of redacting the personally identifiable information for you. 

Will you provide training?

You bet. You can find training material on the Training and Outreach Tab or by clicking here. Quick Reference Guides and Computer-Based Training on the User Guides Tab; click here to jump to User Guides Tab. We are updating and adding resources on these tabs regularly, so check back often. If you want to hear about upcoming training, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter here.

Can Payroll be automatically uploaded?

Some accounting systems are already set up to export payroll data directly into AWP, although they will need to take into account the ways that Alaska has chosen to use each field (check out the Payroll XML Project Field Definitions document in the resources tab of this web page). There is also the option to input payroll data into an excel spreadsheet and convert it to XML, or you can input payroll data manually into the system.  You can find a copy of the payroll spreadsheet along with other resources here and quick reference guides on the different ways to submit payroll in AWP here.

Why is DOT&PF using AASHTOWare Project?

Managing complex construction projects is hard work.  The reporting requires a lot of time and the information must be accurate when it is shared with other government entities and the public.  AASHTOWare Project was designed to assist state DOTs with awarding, managing, and reporting on construction projects.  We know this change will be hard but we also know that going to AWP will help us Keep Alaska Moving.

I’ve got my account set up in AWP now; how do I submit payroll?

How are you submitting payroll flowchart
Download the VISIO Flowchart