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AASHTOWare Project: Submitting Certified Payroll

The AASHTOWare Project site will be unavailable on INTENTIONALLY BLANK for maintenance.

There are no implementation updates for Contractors at this time.

AASHTOWare Project (AWP) is a web-based software, used by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities to receive and process the data required to meet federal and state requirements for certified payroll.

Below are answers to some of the questions we have heard from you.

How do I get access?

I’m logged into AWP, why can’t I see my contract(s)? Contract Authority

I forgot my AASHTOWare password…

I've read the user guides but still have questions…

Who can see the payroll I submit?

How do I manage who has access to my company's payroll?

I am an Owner Operator, do I need to submit my payroll through AASHTOWare?

Can Payroll be automatically uploaded?

I have an account and Contract Authority; how do I submit payroll?

I have a payroll person who no longer works for our company, what should I do?