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AASHTOWare Project: DOT&PF Staff

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What is AASHTOWare Project?

AASHTOWare Project (referred to as AWP) is a website based software designed specifically for state DOTs to manage their complex construction processes. AASHTOWare Project has been customized by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) to align with our business process, to track and monitor, and to comply with all federal and state regulations.

How is Alaska using AASHTOWare?

  • DOT&PF Preconstruction has been entering Project and Proposal information since 2018 in order to use BidX to advertise and award contracts.
  • Contractors have been bidding on construction contracts since 2018 entered in AWP and advertised through BidX.
  • Contractors have been entering Payroll in AWP since January 1, 2021 for all DOT&PF administered Contracts.
  • DOT&PF Construction and DOLWD has been reviewing payrolls since January 1, 2021.
  • Civil Rights Office has been using AWP since 2021 to Certify DBEs, manage Registered Bidders, and set and approve Project Specific OJT and DBE goals.
  • Beginning in 2023 DOT&PF Construction is administering their construction contracts in AWP including materials testing.

AASHTOWare Terms

How do I log in?

Use your SOA ID (usually comprised of your first initial, middle initial and last name) and email password and log in here.

Issues logging in?

  1. I can’t log in at all.
  2. I can log in, but nothing is there.
    • You likely need Contract Authority. Contact your module admin or Project Engineer if you’re assigned to a project and they can grant you access.

What do I do if I get locked out?

If you enter the incorrect password three times you will be locked out of AWP for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes you will be able to login using the correct password. If you genuinely don’t know your webmail password or need to reset it, you can create an AlaskaNow Incident and request OIT reset your password ( ) or give them a call at (907) 334-2525.

What do I need to do so that my Contractor can submit their payroll?

  • Make sure the contract is active (this is displayed on the Contract Administration summary under Contract Status). If your contract is not active, contact your CRL Module admin (those individual are listed on your dashboard when you login to AWP).
  • Request from the Contractor the username of the person (or persons) submitting payroll and assign them Contract Authority (Assign a User Contract Authority QRG)
  • If they are a subcontractor or owner operator, make sure to add the subcontract or owner operator (Add a Subcontractor QRG / Add an Owner Operator QRG)

My project is active, I granted the payroll person Contract Authority and added the subcontract, but the contractor says they still can’t see anything on their screen, what now?

  • Ensure you've entered a date in the Self Cert Received Date when entering the subcontract.
  • Make sure that they have pressed “Show first 10” under the Vendor Payroll collapsible on their dashboard. If they still can’t see anything it may be time to email the implementation team (make certain to provide the Contract ID, the username, and the vendor that the user is trying to submit payroll for in your email).

How does a consultant get access to AWP?

If you are a consultant and need AWP access, you will need to provide the following to your DOT Sponsor:

  • Full Name (including middle initial)
  • Company you are doing work for
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

The DOT Sponsor will use this information to submit an AlaskaNow ticket requesting that an LDAP account be set up for the consultant. Once the consultant has an LDAP account, the DOT Sponsor will contact their module admin and request that the consultant is set up in AWP and provide the module admin the roles and access the consultant should be granted.