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Alaska TraCS LogoTraffic Records Program
Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS)

Overview of TraCS

Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) is an application software that combines with laptop computers, one or more PCs in a central office, and data communications to provide Officers with all of the functionality necessary to record and retrieve incident information wherever and whenever an incident occurs. Officers respond to many traffic incidents every day, and each incident requires paperwork and other administrative duties that detract from valuable patrol time. The TraCS software was developed in response to the need for a well-designed information management tool for field Officers that would simplify the data collection process and ease the administrative burden on Officers.

Alaska is one of over 20 other states, 2 provinces and the U.S. Virgin Islands who hold a TraCS license.

The National Model or TraCS Steering Committee, comprised of all the states licensed to use the TraCS software, meets periodically (two to three times per year) to discuss issues, share challenges and successes, and prioritize TraCS source code modifications and enhancements. The FHWA, NHTSA, FMCSA and BTS also participate in the meetings. Other states and organizations interested in observing the activities of the Steering Committee are invited to attend these meetings, such as the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) and the International Chiefs of Police.

The National Steering Committee is chaired by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Iowa is interested in sharing the experiences and lessons learned from implementing new technology for safety as well as in benefiting from the development efforts and experiences of other states and agencies.

TraCS increases traffic safety by:

  • Significantly decreasing the amount of time it takes an officer to write a traffic ticket or collect collision report information. The less time officers and motorists spend parked along busy roads, the less chance of collision, injury, or traffic disruption.
  • Greatly improving the accuracy of police-collected collision and ticket data.
  • Reducing the time officers spend on paperwork, thus increasing their availability for patrol.
  • Reducing duplicate data entry by police, DMV and the Courts; saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Accelerating the flow of collision and ticket data to traffic safety managers, allowing agencies to deploy their limited resources to high risk collision areas based on the most current and accurate data.
  • Ticket and collision form information can be scanned directly in the TraCS system from the bar code on drivers' licenses and vehicle registrations.
  • A diagram tool allows officers to create clear, accurate depictions of collision scenes. Templates of problematic intersections or roadways can be saved for repeated use.
  • Disposition data will flow electronically from the police agency to the Courts, DMV, and DOT&PF.

Alaska Agencies Using TraCS

  • Alaska Railroad Police Dept.
  • Alaska State Troopers/Wildlife Troopers
  • Anchorage Airport Police
  • Bethel Police Dept.
  • Cordova Police Dept.
  • DOT&PF, Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
  • Fairbanks Aiport Police
  • Haines Police Dept.
  • Homer Police Dept.
  • Juneau Police Dept.
  • Kenai Police Dept.
  • Kodiak Police Dept.
  • Nome Police Dept.
  • North Slope Borough DPS
  • Palmer Police Department
  • Seward Police Department
  • Skagway Police Dept.
  • Soldotna Police Dept.
  • Univ. of Alaska Anchorage Police Dept.
  • Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks Police Dept.
  • Valdez Police Dept.
  • Wasilla Police Dept.
  • Whittier Police Dept.


Implement TraCS in Your Agency

TraCS Equipment Specifications

TraCS Equipment Specificationspdf document 265 KB

Alaska TraCS Helpdesk Support

For all questions, issues, or problems related to TraCS, TraCS users may contact the Helpdesk:

TraCS Alaska Helpdesk
Phone: 907-269-6562

Forms and Documents

Alaska TraCS Steering Committee

TraCS footprints

The TraCS Steering Committee was formed to oversee TraCS implementation in Alaska. This committee includes agency personnel from Alaska DOT&PF, Alaska Court System, Division of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Safety, the Department of Health & Social Services.

Current TraCS Committee Member Roster (1/15/18)pdf document189KB

TraCS Steering Committee Meeting Schedule and Minutes

2018 TraCS Meetings

2016 TraCS Minutes zipped document 1.6 MB
2015 TraCS Minutes zipped document 2.3 MB
2014 TraCS Minutes zipped document 2.3 MB
2013 TraCS Minutes zipped document 3.5 MB
2012 TraCS Minutes zipped document 1.4 MB
2011 TraCS Minutes zipped document 842 KB
2010 TraCS Minutes zipped document 1.7 MB


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