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Functional Classification

Fall near Mile 60, Richardson Highway.
Fall near Mile 60, Richardson Highway. Warren Enyeart, Alaska DOT&PF

Functional classification is the "process by which streets and highways are grouped into classes, or systems, according to the character of service they are intended to provide." In basic terms, a road can be functionally classified as:

  • Arterial: These roads provide mobility so traffic can move from one place to another quickly and safely.
  • Collector: These roads link arterials and local roads and perform some duties of each.
  • Local: These roads provide access to homes, businesses, and other property.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining many of these roads to ensure safe and efficient travel. To fulfill that responsibility, ADOT&PF must review and update the functional classification of all public roads, including those in your community. To learn more about Functional Classification see our additional resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Class Map - allows you to view functional classification of all public roads in Alaska.