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National Highway System

The NHS is an interconnected system of routes that serve important national functions, e.g., security, commerce, and travel. The NHS is comprised of Interstate and defense routes, other principal arterial routes, and routes connecting to major intermodal facilities such as airports, ports, and ferry terminals. With a few exceptions, all NHS routes in Alaska are owned by ADOT&PF. For more information on NHS, please see FHWA National Highway System.

State owned bridge on 15th Ave over A St, Anchorage
State owned bridge on 15th Ave over A St, Anchorage. Allen Kemplen, Alaska DOT&PF

Funding the NHS

NHPP (National Highway Performance Program)– In MAP-21 section 1106, Congress designated the NHPP to provide support for the condition and performance of the NHS, for the construction of new facilities on the NHS, and to ensure that investments of Federal-aid funds in highway construction are directed to support progress toward the achievement of performance targets established in a State’s asset management plan for the NHS. This funding code incorporates previous NHS, IM and some BR fund codes. The federal funds ratio is 90.97%.

To see a list of planned projects on Alaska’s NHS, see the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

National Highway System Map