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Public Road Mileage

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers inspect a truck, near Fairbanks
Northern Hawk Owl. A perch where none existed. Dalton Highway. by Rebekah Cadigan, Alaska DOT&PF

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires Alaska DOT&PF to provide an annual report of public road miles in Alaska called the Certified Public Road Mileage (CPRM). Public road mileage is one of several variables that FHWA uses to determine funds for state transportation programs. A public road is any road under the jurisdiction of and maintained by a public authority, open to the general public, and passable by standard passenger cars. CPRM reports are used to populate the FHWA highway statistics publication. CPRM is also used in many department reports and publications and is used by other agencies and the private industry.

Transportation Data Programs collects CPRM mileage from State and Federal agencies, Indian nations, Boroughs and city governments.

CPRM data (full reports available by year ). Each report breaks down the mileage by Functional Class, Ownership and by other fields. Regions (Central, Northern & Southcoast) are unique to the Alaska DOT&PF. Of note, the CPRM reports include centerline miles as opposed to lane miles (centerline miles multiplied by number of lanes). For the latter, please contact the HPMS Manager.

Public Road Mileage Dashboard

Year Statewide Mileage
2022 17,637 **
2021 17,690
2020 17,681
2019 17,735 *
2018 17,050 *
2017 15,535
2016 15,529
2015 16,130
2014 15,728
2013 15,679
2012 16,301
2011 16,674

* The marked increase is due to improved roadway data collection methods.
** The marked decrease is due to removing some federal miles per FHWA.