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Southwest Alaska Transportation Plan

The Southwest Alaska Transportation Plan (SWATP) is a 20-year regional transportation plan used to guide future public investments in transportation infrastructure. The state regularly reevaluates regional transportation needs and possible projects that serve the economy and population of the area. The study area consists of the Lake and Peninsula Borough, Kodiak Island Borough, Aleutians East Borough (AEB), Aleutians West Borough, Bristol Bay Borough (BBB), and some areas outside the organized boroughs (the communities of the Aleutian chain, Dillingham Census Area, Adak, and the Pribilof Islands). As a regional area plan, the focus of the SWATP will be on regional transportation needs, such as movements between communities and in and out of the region.

All links below are in PDF Icon Adobe PDF format and have a file size less than 1 mb unless otherwise noted.

Complete Plan - May 2016 PDF Icon (8.5MB)


Appendix A - Projects consideredPDF Icon(1.8MB)
Appendix B - Public Involvement DocumentsPDF Icon(5.5MB)
Appendix C - Runway Length and Surface ImprovementsPDF Icon(292KB)
Appendix D - Community/Local Airports 3000 ft or longerPDF Icon(295KB)
Appendix E - Runway Length Increases and DecreasesPDF Icon(298KB)
Appendix F - Unalaska mapPDF Icon(505KB)
Appendix G - Kodiak mapPDF Icon (632KB)
Appendix H - Current Runway Length compared to ALP GoalsPDF Icon(169KB)
Appendix I - Iliamna Lake Area Communities Freight/Fuel DeliveryPDF Icon(242KB)
Appendix J - Runway Length RecommendationsPDF Icon(315KB)
Appendix K - Recommended Airport Approach ImprovementsPDF Icon(304KB)
Appendix L - Ferry System Operations and ChallengesPDF Icon(3.14MB)
Appendix M - Williamsport Pile Bay RoadPDF Icon(2.1MB)


Key Contact for Southwest Alaska Transportation Plan:

Jim Potdevin
Surface Transportation Planner
DOT&PF Southcoast Region
6860 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801  
(907) 465-1775


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