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Welcome to the Alaska DOT&PF STIP

The Alaska Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is the state’s four-year program for transportation system preservation and development.  It includes interstate, state and some local highways, bridges, ferries and public transportation, but does not include airports or non-ferry-related ports and harbors.  It covers all system improvements for which partial or full federal funding is approved and that are expected to take place during the four-year duration of the STIP...

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2020-2023 STIP - Official Copy

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STIP News and Events

Amendment 7
Approved May 12, 2023
to incorporate FAST TIP 2023-2027

Administrative Modifications 16 & 17
Approved and Incorporated

Community Transportation Program (CTP)
Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Understanding the STIP 1.8MB
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Use an interactive map to view and get details on the 2020-2023 STIP projects in Alaska.
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