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Alaska State Freight Plan

Alaska has developed a State Freight Plan consistent with federal guidance as specified in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. Most of the elements required for a State Freight Plan are contained in the Freight Element. However, some required elements – like the designation of specific projects and investments – are not consistent with the 2016 LRTP policies-not-projects framework. Other elements – like the designation of critical urban and rural freight connectors and the implementation of performance measures – may change periodically during the lifespan of the LRTP. For both reasons, it is desirable and necessary to provide some freight plan elements in an implementing document separate from the LRTP itself, so that its contents can be adopted and updated as needed to successfully achieve the freight plan goals, policies, and strategies adopted in the LRTP.

The Alaska State Freight Plan consists of two component documenrts:


Other Documents: