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Interim Addenda to the Alaska Traffic Manual

Effective August 14, 2015

Interim Addenda represent approved revisions to the Alaska Traffic Manual (ATM). The ATM is the standard for traffic control devices on public roads in Alaska. It consists of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Alaska Traffic Manual Supplement (ATMS). It references the Alaska Sign Design Specifications (ASDS), which is the sign layout standard for Alaska public roads.


Alterations to the current ATM will be incorporated into the next edition.

1A.10 Interpretations, Experimentations, Changes, and Interim Approvals 8/14/2015
1A.13 Definitions of Headings, Words, and Phrases in this Manual 12/24/2014
2A.01 Function and Purpose of Signs 8/14/2015
2A.100 Directional and Service Signing 8/14/2015
2B.17 Higher Fines Signs and Plaque (R2-6P, R2-10, and R2-11) 8/14/2015
2B.19 Intersection Lane Control Signs (R3-5 through R3-8, R3-106 and R3-108 Series) 8/14/2015
2B.21 Optional Movement Lane Control Sign (R3-6 and R3-106) 8/14/2015
2B.22 Advance Intersection Lane Control Signs (R3-8 Series and R3-108 Series) 8/14/2015
2B.35 Slow Vehicle Turn-Out Signs (R4-12, R4-13, and R4-14) 8/14/2015
2B.39 Selective Exclusion Signs 8/14/2015
2B.46 Parking, Standing, and Stopping Signs (R7 and R8 Series) 8/14/2015
2B.47 Design of Parking, Standing, and Stopping Signs 8/14/2015
2B.54 2B.54 No Turn on Red Signs (R10-11 Series, R10-17a, R10-30, R10-110 and R10-111) 8/14/2015
2B.60 Weigh Station Signs (R13 Series, R13-100, and R13-101) 8/14/2015
2B.61 TRUCK ROUTE Sign (R14-1 and R14-101) 8/14/2015
2B.64 Headlight Use Signs (R16-5 through R16-11, R16-110, R16-116, and I-190) 8/14/2015
2B.66 Seat Belt Symbol 8/14/2015
2B.100 NO STUDDED TIRES Sign (R5-100) 8/14/2015
2B.105 Chains Required Signs (R12-104 through R12-108) 8/14/2015
2B.107 NO FISHING FROM BRIDGE Sign (R16-108) 8/14/2015
2B.108 NO DUMPING Sign (R16-109) 8/14/2015
2C.24 Freeway or Expressway End Signs (W19 Series) 8/14/2015
2C.26 DEAD END/NO OUTLET Signs and NO TURN AROUND plaque (W14-1, W14-1a, W14-2, W14-2a, W14-200P) 8/14/2015
2C.27 Low Clearance Signs (W12-2, W12-2a, and W12-200) 8/14/2015
2C.46 Intersection Warning Signs (W2-1 through W2-8) 8/14/2015
2C.49 Vehicular Traffic Warning Signs (W8-6, W11-1, W11-5, W11-5a, W11-8, W11-10, W11-11, W11-12P, W11-14, W11-15, W11-15a, and W11-100) 8/14/2015
2C.50 Non-Vehicular Warning Signs (W11-2, W11-3, W11-4, W11-6, W11-7, W11-9, W11-16 through W11-22, W11-104, W11-105, W11-107, and W11-108) 8/14/2015
2C.108 Eliminated ROCKS (W16-105) and Rocks Symbol (W16-116) Signs 8/14/2015
2C.109 Eliminated END FREEWAY ½ MILE Sign (W16-107) 8/14/2015
2C.115 Winter Road Condition Advisory Signs (W14-105 and W14-106) 8/14/2015
2C.116 HIDDEN DRIVEWAY Sign (W7-102) 8/14/2015
2C.119 MOOSE CRASH AREA Sign (W16-115) 8/14/2015
2D.09 Numbered Highway Systems 8/14/2015
2D.11 Design of Route Signs 8/14/2015
2D.37 Destination Signs (D1 Series) 8/14/2015
2D.42 Location of Distance Signs 8/14/2015
2D.43 Street Name Signs (D3-1, D3-1a, D3-100, D3-100A, D3-100B, D3-101, and D3-102) 8/14/2015
2D.44 Advance Street Name Signs (D3-2, D3-200, D3-201) 8/14/2015
2D.49 Weigh Station Signing (D8 Series) 8/14/2015
2D.50 Community Wayfinding Signs 8/14/2015
2D.100 Community Service Sign (D9-204 and D9-206) 8/14/2015
2H.02 General Information Signs (I Series, 1-182, I-183, I-191, I-192, I-210, I-211, 1-220, I-221, I-222, I-223, and I-224) 8/14/2015
2H.04 Miscellaneous Information Signs 8/14/2015
2H.05 Reference Location Signs (D10-101 through D1-104 and D10-201 through D10-204) and Intermediate Reference Location Signs (D10-101A through D10-104A and D10-201A through D10-204A) 8/14/2015
2H.08 Acknowledgment Signs 8/14/2015
2I.02 General Service Signs for Conventional Roads 8/14/2015
2I.03 General Service Signs for Freeways and Expressways 8/14/2015
2I.08 Tourist Information and Welcome Center Signs 8/14/2015
2I.10 TRAVEL INFO CALL 511 Signs (D12-5,D12-5a, and D12-105P) 8/14/2015
2J.04 Number and Size of Signs and Logo Sign Panels (LG-F1x2, LG-F3x1, LG F3x2, LG-R1x2, LG-R1x3, LF-FP, and LG-FP2) 8/14/2015
2K.06 Tourist Oriented Directional Sign Locations 6/28/2012
2K.07 Tourist Oriented Directional Sign State Policy 6/28/2012
2M.02 Application of Recreation and Culturual Interest Area Signs 6/28/2012
2M.04 General Design Requirements for Recreational and Cultural Interest Area Symbol Guide Signs 8/14/2015
2M.10 Memorial or Dedication Signing 8/14/2015
2N.03 Evacuation Route Signs (EM-1 and EM-1a) 8/14/2015
2S.01 Highway Fatality Memorial Signs (I-160 through I-164, and I-167) 8/14/2015
2S.06 FIRE HYDRANT Sign (M12-100) 8/14/2015
2S.08 Eliminated Pedestrian Wayfinding Signs  8/14/2015
2S.09 Game Management Unit/Subsistence Hunt Area signs 8/14/2015
3B.18 Crosswalk Markings 8/14/2015
4A.03 Traffic Control Device Alternatives for Crossings 8/14/2015
4F.01 Application of Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons 6/28/2012
4F.02 Design of Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons 6/28/2012
4L.100 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons 2/25/2013
6A.01 General 8/14/2015
6C.13 Pilot Car Method of One-Lane, Two-Way Traffic Control 8/14/2015
6F.08 ROAD (STREET) CLOSED Sign (R11-2), ROAD CLOSED AVALANCHE AREA Sign (R11-101), and LANE CLOSED Sign (R11-102) 8/14/2015
6F.12 Double Fine in Work Zone Signs (R16-100, R16-101, R16-102, R16-114, R2-100) 8/14/2015
6F.14 SIDEWALK CLOSED Signs (R9-9, R9-10, R9-11, R9-11a, R9-100, R9-101) 8/14/2015
6F.30 6F.30 NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN AHEAD Sign (W23-2) 8/14/2015
6F.59 Detour Signs (M4-8, M4-8a, M4-8b, M4-9, M4-9a, M4-9b, M4-9c, M4-10, M4-100, and M4-103) 8/14/2015
7A.01 Need for Standards 12/24/2014
7B.12 School Crossing Assembly 6/28/2012
8A.02 Use of Standard Devices, Systems, and Practices at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings 6/28/2012
8B.101 BUSES & HAZMAT VEHICLES USE RIGHT LANE Sign (R16-115) 8/14/2015

Chief Engineer’s Directives

A list of directives modifying the ATM.


Construction Warning Sign Sizes PDF


Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons PDF

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