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Roadside Hardware Eligibility Program

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As of January 1, 2020 the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will no longer issue eligibility letters attesting to the MASH compliance of roadside hardware systems. Instead, states have been tasked with issuing determinations as to the Federal aid eligibility of roadside hardware systems. 

Only roadside hardware systems which are Federal aid eligible can be used on DOT&PF projects. Roadside hardware systems are generally considered to include the following:

  • Bridge Railings
  • Crash Cushions
  • End Treatments/Terminals
  • Longitudinal Barriers
  • Luminaire Supports
  • Sign Supports
  • Transition Systems
  • Work Zone Systems

Applications for eligibility review are submitted to the DOT&PF Division of Design & Construction Standards where they are reviewed by DOT&PF engineers.

This page is for manufacturers, contractors, and distributors of these systems. Both proprietary and non-proprietary systems are eligible for a determination.  Applications may be submitted by vendors, manufacturers, contractors, designers, or any other interested party. However only a manufacturer may request proprietary information contained within their application be held confidential.

Please click here for access to our list of approved products. DOT&PF Design and Construction employees please click here for access to additional information.

How to Apply for an Eligibility Determination

STEP ONE: Check whether your system has already received a DOT&PF eligibility determination.

STEP TWO: If your system is not on the List of Approved Roadside Hardware submit an Application for Roadside Hardware Federal Aid Eligibility Determination with all supporting documentation to

Note: If your application package is larger than 45M, go to ZendTo and follow the instructions there to drop-off files for

Consult the Roadside FAQ for commonly asked questions regarding this program. If your question is not answered or you are having difficulty accessing the site, contact