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SEF Equipment Management System (EMS)

SEF uses the Equipment Management System (EMS) to identify vehicles and equipment, track costs, maintain inventory, calculate rates, bill customers, and store historical information about our equipment. This tracking also provides cost information for budgeting and forecasting.  At the end of each month, EMS interfaces with IRIS in order to bill State of Alaska agencies.

Resources Work Management

State agencies outside of SEF can request access to Fleet Equipment Management System (EMS) to view asset records, billing history, maintenance history, fuel records, PM (preventive maintenance) schedules, and other records for their vehicles. To request access to the Fleet Equipment Management System (EMS), complete the EMS Access Form.

For questions or support contact one of the Equipment Operations Analysts:

Steve Deliman
phone icon907-269-0790

Cindy Lee
phone icon907-451-5364