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Surplus Disposal Auctions

Last Updated April 15, 2024

photo of airport vehicle Oshkosh Striker ARFF truck under a brilliant display of the Aurora, Fairbanks. Photo by Rick Rifley, Alaska DOT&PF

The State of Alaska DOT/PF State Equipment Fleet is responsible for the surplus of vehicles and heavy equipment. All information can be found on this page on how to purchase these items from the State of Alaska DOT/PF State Equipment Fleet

Statewide Disposal Auctions of all other general surplus items are administered by the Department of Administration(DOA).
Please see their website at: off site link

Sales to Government Entities or Nonprofits

In order to assist Government Entities and Nonprofits in their endeavors, The State of Alaska SEF offers sales to these organizations priced at fair market value. Please contact Surplus Equipment Coordinator for additional information.

Surplus Equipment Coordinator
Email: Surplus Equipment Coordinator

Alaska Statute Title 44.68.280:

A political subdivision that receives title to automotive and construction equipment may not sell it for a period of two years after the date title is transferred.

To qualify you must meet the following eligibility criteria.
(The State of Alaska SEF reserves the right to request supporting documentation for verification as to eligibility)

Government entities must be located within the United States and is all inclusive of all local governments, schools and village organizations.

Non profits groups must be classified as tax exempt under section 501(c) of the United States tax code and possess a current business license issued from the licensing authority in your state.  The intent of sales to non profits is that no one individual is to profit from the purchase.  By participating in this sales process, you are attesting that your purchase of this equipment is intended for the use of the nonprofit organization. The State of Alaska reserves the right to suspend sales to non profit organizations violating this clause.

To register for this program contact:

Surplus Equipment Coordinator
Email: Surplus Equipment Coordinator

Sales to the General Public

The State of Alaska DOT/PF State Equipment Fleet is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of all State owned vehicles and heavy equipment. The State Equipment Fleet is now selling all surplus equipment through the online auction bidding process. We currently offer all fleet equipment and vehicles through GovDeals for our online auctions. If you would like the opportunity to bid on any items offered for sale by the State Equipment Fleet please follow the link below to register with GovDeals. Once registered you will receive email notifications of all new sales as they become available. Registration is not required to view current items for sale.



Questions about our program may be directed to:

Surplus Equipment Coordinator
Email: Surplus Equipment Coordinator

State of Alaska Policy on Employee Purchase of Surplus Supplies. 2AAC 12.600 which states “An employee, contractor, or grantee of an agency that owns or disposes of surplus supplies may not directly or indirectly purchase or agree with another person to purchase surplus supplies if the employee, contractor or grantee is, or has been, directly or indirectly involved in the disposal, maintenance or preparation for sale of the surplus supplies.

State Equipment Fleet Conflict of Interest. It is the policy of the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities that State of Alaska employees directly involved with the decision to surplus or excess equipment are restricted from bidding on, or otherwise purchasing vehicles or equipment under SEF management control. This restriction applies to the State employee, and immediate family, as defined in AS 39.52 (Code of Ethics).

The following SEF employees are ineligible to bid on or otherwise purchase, state vehicles or equipment.

  1. All SEF Headquarters employees.
  2. All SEF Regional Equipment Managers.
  3. All SEF Regional Equipment Superintendants.
  4. All SEF Regional Equipment Forepersons.
  5. All SEF Regional employees expressly designated in writing by the Regional Equipment Managers as directly involved in the excessing or surplusing of vehicles and equipment.
  6. All department employees who are located at the station where the item is made available for sale.  If the equipment has been transferred from an outlying location for the sale, the restriction includes the station of transfer.

If you are requesting a Waiver click the link below: