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Preventive Maintenance Due By Department

M&O equipment operator Kayce Eliason prepares to fire up "The Monster" against a brilliant September sunrise.
Photo by Brian Flaherty, Alaska DOT&PF

For actual services performed with each PM,
contact your local
SEF shop

PM's Due by August 31, 2019.

*** If there are no PM's due, you will not be able to click on your department ***

Governor's Office (Dept 01)

Administration (Dept 02)

Law (Dept 03)

Revenue (Dept 04)

Education (Dept 05)

Health & Social Services (Dept 06)

Labor (Dept 07)

Commerce, Community & Economic Development (Dept 08)

Military & Veterans Affairs (Dept 09)

Natural Resources (Dept 10)

Fish & Game (Dept 11)

Public Safety (Dept 12)

State Equipment Fleet (Dept 16)

Environmental Conservation (Dept 18)

Corrections (Dept 20)

Transportation (Dept 25)

Legislative Affairs (Dept 31)

Alaska Court System (Dept 41)