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photo of mechanice grinding on fabrication project
Mechanic Brian Flaherty lights up the dark Alaskan sky with his power grinder on a fabrication project.
Photo by by Mike Hankins, Alaska DOT&PF

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules are set by SEF to meet customers usage demands and manufacturer's maintenance specifications and warranty requirements. Each vehicle is assigned a PM schedule. SEF maintenance personnel work with vehicle users to keep all State vehicles in compliance with those schedules. Light-duty vehicles have a reminder sticker on their windshield; drivers should be aware of when the next PM service is due and schedule the vehicle to be serviced within that time.

Most PM Schedules have two types of services: an "A" service and a "C" service. The A service is routine maintenance and service, such as an oil change, tire rotation, lubrication, etc. that typically can be completed in less than one day. The C service is an in-depth service and maintenance process which can take much longer.

For actual services performed with each PM, contact your local SEF shop


Light Duty PM Schedules A Service C Service
Insp. ID Description Months Miles All light duty units require a C service at:
36 months OR
36,000 miles
1000 Light Duty Regular Use 12 5,000
1001 Light Duty Seasonal Use 12 5,000
1002 Lt Duty Pursuit DPS only 6 5,000
1004 Lt Duty Severe Service 6 3,000


Heavy Duty PM Schedules A Service C Service
Insp. ID Description Months Hours Months Hours
2000 Heavy Trucks 12 250 24 1,500
2001 Heavy Trucks w/ Odometer 12 5,000 12  
2003 ARFF Trucks No A Service 12  
3000 Heavy Equipment 12 250 24 1,500
4000 Misc. Support Equipment   250 12  
4001 Attachments & Sanders No A Service 12  
5000 Trailers All No A Service 12  
6000 Snowblowers   250 12  
6001 Snowblowers- low use 6 100 12