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Northern Region Hydraulics

Jeff P. Stutzke, PE, CPESC
Northern Region Hydraulics Engineer, DOT&PF
2301 Peger Rd Fairbanks, AK 99709-5316
(907) 451-5389

The Northern Region Hydraulics Group is headquartered in the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities building located at 2301 Peger Road, Fairbanks, Alaska and is part of the Northern Region Design and Engineering Services Division. The Northern Region Hydraulics group is staffed by 4 full-time personnel.

The Northern Region Hydraulics Group’s area of responsibility covers approximately 416,000 square miles, roughly 65 percent of the state’s total land area.  This Region extends from the Alaska/Canada border in the east to Gambell, on St. Lawrence Island, in the west; Cordova in the south to Barrow in the north.

The Hydraulics Group is responsible for analyzing and making recommendations on the Regional impacts of water on highway and airport facilities including: drainage, runoff, flooding, groundwater, erosion control, hydrology, river training, and aufeis mitigation. The Hydraulics Group also provides technical assistance to project engineers, consultants, the general public and other government agencies.  The Hydraulics Group is involved with project development, field reconnaissance, plan review and environmental permitting of transportation infrastructure, including: NPDES Permits (MS4, CGP and MSGP), Fish Habitat permits and Army Corps of Engineer permits.

Primary Responsibilities

The Northern Region Hydraulics Group has primary responsibility for the following:

  • Hydraulic design of large diameter (greater than 48” diameter) culverts and all fish passage culverts.
  • Hydraulic design of major stream restoration, streambank stabilization, dikes, scour protection, river training systems, revetment and erosion control projects.
  • Production of hydrologic and hydraulic reports for AKDOT projects for non-bridge related applications.
  • Technical support and approval of hydrologic and hydraulic reports produced by consultants.
  • Stormwater facility design, review and training (ESCP, BMP and permanent stormwater quality/control structures).
  • Fish passage culvert stream surveys and hydraulic site survey/reconnaissance coordination.
  • Support of Statewide for emergency flood response inspection and rehabilitation design.
  • Floodplain analysis and documentation in Northern Region.
  • Documentation of Northern Region hydraulic facilities (maintenance of culvert database, hydraulic standard drawings and specifications).
  • Plan review and consultant coordination.
  • Technical design guidance and training support for AKDOT efforts in stormwater, hydrology and hydraulics in Northern Region.
Statewide Hydraulics Engineer
Northern Region Hydraulics Group Staff
  • Luke Boles, P.E.
    Assistant Northern Region Hydraulics Engineer
    (907) 451-2233