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Sustainable Transportation Program

Program Contact:
Please direct any questions to your regional planner.

Program Purpose

The Sustainable Transportation Program (STP) is a multimodal transportation program being developed by the Alaska DOT&PF that relies on multiple federal funding sources. STP projects will be funded through the Carbon Reduction Program, National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, the Low-No Emission Vehicle Program, and other discretionary grant programs.

Sustainable transportation can be broadly defined as transportation that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Developing sustainable transportation infrastructure involves a multi-modal lifecycle approach that considers environmental quality, economic development, and social equity.

STP Objectives

The STP will help communities thrive through transportation investments that promote reduced GHG emissions, energy independence, efficiency, low-cost transportation, and a healthy environment. To meet federal requirements, project selection will employ data driven assessments that maximize emission reductions and public health benefits per dollar spent.

STP Project Examples (Ongoing and Future Projects)

  • Sustainable Transportation Research: FHWA Low-No Emission Ferry Research; Renewable Diesel Research; and
    Automation through Digitization
  • AMHS Fleet Modernization: Tustumena Replacement Vessel (TRV) Construction; Low-No Emission Shuttle Ferry Construction; Shoreside Charging; Ferry Retrofits
  • Statewide Equipment Fleet Modernization: Statewide Fleetwide Modernization and Rolling Stock Electrification
  • Sustainable Transit: Public Transit Modernization
  • Low-Cost Transportation: Alternative Energy Corridors EV Infrastructure; Rural Communities EV Infrastructure; Airport EV Charging Stations
  • Energy Efficiency: DOT&PF Facilities Energy Efficiency Upgrades; LED Streetlight Conversions
  • Healthy Environment: Tracking Transportation Emissions; Rural Dust Mitigation; Cruise Line and Port Facilities Electrification
  • Equitable Transportation: Promoting equity within and between successive generations

Stay Tuned!

STP project selection criteria are currently being developed. Criteria will focus on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding targets pertaining to safety, state of good repair, economic vitality, resiliency, and sustainability. programs.

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