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Rural Ports & Barge-landings Program

Program Contact:
Please direct any questions to your regional planner.

Program Purpose

The Rural Ports and Barge-landing Program (RPBP) is a surface transportation program administered by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF). The RPBP is a competitive state ran program that solicits community input and project sponsorship from rural communities and Native villages that are off the road system. This program is funded through Alaska’s apportionment of Surface Transportation Block Grant funds. The program includes identifying needs through public outreach and involvement, evaluating and scoring eligible projects, prioritizing and selecting projects for funding. Once projects are awarded, the next steps are planning and programming, environmental analysis, design, appraisal and acquisition, funding, construction, and financial close out. DOT&PF planning staff will assist communities interested in this program to prepare projects for submission and through the life of selected projects.

RPBP Objectives & Evaluation Criteria

The RPBP aims to fund barge landing, dock, or waterfront infrastructure improvements in off the road system communities that will have the greatest regional economic and quality of life benefits. Project selection criteria will focus on assessing how invested dollars will result in demonstrable economic and quality of life benefits within the community and regionally. Selection criteria is currently being developed and will be released for consideration prior to project submissions.

RPBP Eligible Sponsors & Projects

Off the road system communities and Native villages (as defined in section 3 of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) are eligible to submit project proposals. Eligible projects include: the planning, design, engineering, and or construction of barge landings, docks, or other waterfront infrastructure.

Projects not eligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Projects in communities that are on the road system
  • Projects not in a rural or Native village

When Does the RPBP Begin?

Alaska DOT&PF will announce the upcoming RPBP in Spring 2023 and will release an initial schedule of milestones, criteria, and examples of projects. Plenty of time will be allowed for communities to prepare and coordinate with Alaska DOT&PF Regional Planners before the Call for Projects.

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