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Resiliency & Coastal Protection Program

Program Contact:
Please direct any questions to your regional planner.

Program Purpose

The Resiliency and Coastal Protection Program (RCPP) is a competitive funding opportunity administered by the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF). Funding for the RCPP comes from the FHWA’s Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Transportation (PROTECT) program. The RCPP solicits community input and project sponsorship. Development of RCPP projects includes identifying needs through public outreach and involvement, evaluating and scoring eligible projects, and prioritizing and selecting projects for funding. Once projects are awarded, the next steps are planning and programming, environmental analysis, design, right of way, appraisal and acquisition, funding, construction, and financial close out. DOT&PF planning staff will assist communities interested in this program to prepare capital projects for submission and through the life of selected projects.

RCPP Objectives & Evaluation Criteria

The RCPP provides funding for regional resiliency planning and for the design and construction of projects that enhance the resiliency of critical surface transportation infrastructure from natural disasters and coastal threats. The objectives of the program will be reinforced in the project selection criteria. These criteria are being developed and will evaluate and identify needed community projects that meet the objectives of the program. It is expected that there will be different sets of criteria for communities and projects that are connected to the road system, for those that are not connected to the road system, as well as specific criteria for planning projects.

Expected Project Criteria for Capital Improvement Projects
  • Safety of the traveling public
  • Asset and system reliability and preservation
  • Likelihood of damage to the asset by future natural causes
  • Improves connections between other modes of transportation
  • Project is consistent with a regional or local resiliency plan
  • Regional significance

Eligible Projects

There will be three eligible project types under DOT&PF’s RCPP.

Regional Resiliency Planning are planning activities that develop region-wide plans for improving and protecting infrastructure susceptible to natural disasters and that enhance public safety in the event of natural disasters. Planning activities do not directly result in capital improvement projects.

Resilience Improvements improve existing surface transportation assets to withstand one or more elements of a weather event or natural disaster, including changing conditions, such as sea level rise, flooding, wildfires, and extreme weather events, including the ability of an evacuation route to provide safe passage during an evacuation.

At-Risk Coastal Infrastructure projects strengthen, stabilize, elevate, relocate or otherwise enhance the resilience of highway infrastructure, including: bridges, roads, pedestrian and bike facilities, and associated infrastructure that face increased long-term future risks, including coastal flooding, coastal erosion, wave action, storm surge, or sea level rise.

RCPP Eligible Sponsors

Eligible entities that may sponsor RCPP projects include:

  • Local or community governments
  • Other political sub-divisions of the State
  • Tribal entities
  • The State of Alaska DOT&PF or other agency

When Does the RCPP Begin?

Alaska DOT&PF will announce the upcoming RCPP in Summer of 2023 and will release an initial schedule of milestones, criteria, and examples of projects. Plenty of time will be allowed for communities to prepare and coordinate with Alaska DOT&PF Regional Planners before the Call for Projects.

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