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Statewide Aviation’s Strategic Plan


To sustain and improve the quality of life throughout Alaska

Core Values

From our history to date and from the commitments that we all share now about the future, we have defined the values that should guide all of our activities and staff in the years to come. These are our core values:

  • Integrity: Ensure honesty, dependability, unity and a high ethical standard
  • Innovation: Finding creative solutions, being proactive, flexible, and resourceful
  • Excellence: Commitment to improve and a passion to provide superior service, safety, and infrastructure
  • Respect: Positive regard for colleagues and stakeholders

Our Vision

By 2025 we lead the world in rural aviation reliability service and safety management

  • We will implement and regularly update metrics of progress
  • We will proactively address challenges and opportunities
  • We will collaborate to achieve efficiencies and improve performance
  • We will affirm & invest in our #1 resource . . . People


  • Year- round access to communities
  • Safe, well maintained airfields that enables movement and prosperity
  • Lease of land for aviation-related commerce
Sitka Airport Chitina Airport Lake Louise Iliamna Airport Akutan Airport
Photos by Charles Tripp, Jeremy Worrall, Rich Sewell, Sean Montgomery, and Bijay Tamang