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Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL)

2009 LEL Officers
2009 LEL Officers from left to right: Officer Jay Sjogren, Lt. Daniel Welborn, Officer Blain Hatch, Sgt. Kelly Swihart.
Photo by Joanna Reed, DOT&PF
Officer B Safe
Fairbanks Officer B. Safe during 2010 Fairbanks 'Operation Glow'.
Photo courtesy of Lt. Daniel Welborn, Fairbanks PD.
Officer Blain Hatch with kids
Juneau PD Officer Blain Hatch
working with school children.
Photo courtesy of Officer Blain Hatch, Juneau PD.


The Alaska Highway Safety Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Pacific Northwest Office work with the Juneau, Fairbanks, Wasilla and Kenai Police Departments to foster Alaska's Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) program. Trained LEL Officers serve as a bridge of communication between the Highway Safety Office and state and local law enforcement agencies to improve the development and implementation of statewide initiatives focusing on traffic safety, education, and law enforcement.

Purpose of the LEL Program

  • Enable constant communication between the AHSO and the law enforcement community. 
  • Communicate the traffic safety priorities of Alaska.
  • Promote traffic law enforcement of DUI and seatbelt laws, aggressive driving and child passenger safety.
  • Help identity effective traffic law enforcement tactics and communicate these best practices to law enforcement agencies.

Alaska's Law Enforcement Liaisons

email iconWasilla - Sgt. William Rapson
Sergeant Bill Rapson

email iconFairbanks - Lt. Daniel Welborn
Lt. Dan Welborn

email iconKenai - Officer Jay Sjogren
Officer Sjogren
email iconJuneau - Officer Blain Hatch
JPD Blain Hatch


Alaska's LEL officers work with the Highway Safety Office to help foster a close working relationship between the law enforcement community and the HSO. The officers above were chosen because of their deep rooted commitment to this idea and it is our hope to see many more join their ranks in the future.

All of Alaska's highly qualified LEL Officers exhibit the same exceptional skills:

  • Initiative
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to accept critical feedback
  • Team player
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills


Challenge Coins

Challenge Coin Front
Front of the Challenge Coin
Challenge Coin Back
Back of the Challenge Coin


Awards for Support and Leadership for Alaska Impaired Driving and Occupant Protection Programs

Chiefs Receiving Awards
Chief Lindhag, Chief Supkis, Chief Hoffman, Major Mulhollen, Chief McGee, and Chief Greenleaf receiving their awards.
Photo courtesey of Lt. Dan Welborn.
Capt. Barrick & Lt. Welborn
Captain Barrick shakes hands with Lt. Welborn after receiving his award.
Photo courtesey of Lt. Dan Welborn.
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Juneau PD Officer Blain Hatch
working with school children.
Photo courtesy of Officer Blain Hatch, Juneau PD.


Resources for Law Enforcement


April 29, 2010 - Click It AND Ticket
Kenai Central High School students team up with the Kenai Police Department to promote seatbelt use. The week-long event was called "Click It & Ticket".

Click It AND Ticket
Photo courtesy of Merrill Sikorski

Click It AND ticket
Photo courtesy of Merrill Sikorski