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Impaired Driving Program

Agency Involvement: Alaska Court System

AlaskaCourt System

Alaska DUI Therapeutic Courts
Anchorage/Fairbanks/SE Alaska/Bethel Therapeutic Courts
Michelle Bartley

The Alaska Court System is continuing to utilize funds to develop the Ketchikan Therapeutic Court, furthering the expansion of the Anchorage Wellness Court and opening a DUI Court in Fairbanks in April of 2007.

AK Wellness CourtA look inside the Anchorage Therapeutic Court

DUI courts are designed to reduce the recidivism rate of DUI and other alcohol-related crimes through the structure of a therapeutic court program and the transformations that occur to the participants while in the program. Courts will target repeat offenders who are addicted to alcohol and who will benefit from the long structured program. The major goals that the DUI courts hope to accomplish will be reducing the number of traffic offenses committed by repeat offenders, reducing public endangerment and crime associated with alcohol abuse and reduce economic, personal damage and costs to the public.