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MET - Metlakatla

Supporting the Communities of: Ketchikan, Metlakatla

DISCLAIMER: Playbooks are Living Documents; Level of Service may Change!

Metlakatla March 2023 Service Schedule

What is a Service Area Playbook?

In an effort to provide current and relevant information specific to each of the communities served, this "playbook" will be a go-to site for communities to view current service levels, vessel availability for the route (a factor of terminal compatibility and vessel characteristics), mitigation measures in place and as a way for DOT&PF to engage with communities on opportunities for service.

Please visit the main Reimagining AMHSBROKEN page for more information on how the system is charting the course to reliable service through incremental phases of system improvement--starting with system stabilization and moving into recovery and full steam ahead to reliable service. The program page will also provide up-to-date reporting on metrics related to the core AMHS system health elements of crew, vessels, and budget.

What is the current service to my community?

  • Status Alerts: Users can subscribe for AMHS text updates for service level changes beyond those published in the schedule. For other updates and general information, visit our website.
  • Current Service Schedule: Click here to view the current service schedule, and refer to the Level of Service and Fleet Availability chart below.
  • Fleet Compatability: Of the 9 vessels in the AMHS fleet, 2 (Aurora and LeConte) are compatible with the terminals and service needs of the Prince William Sound service area. Refer to the Level of Service and Fleet Availability charts below to see which vessels are currently serving your route.


Port Calls
  Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr TOTAL
ANB 48 40 48 44 0 0 44 224
Vessel Availability
  Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr

Tables have been updated to reflect the OARS Calendar as of 12/12/2022.
For planned overhaul information, please refer to Charting the Course Fleet MetricsBROKEN.

What events are scheduled for my community?

The events in the table below have been requested through comments on Public Input. Requested events are reviewed to inform scheduling and supplemental service decisions. Once an event has been reviewed, this table will describe the level of service that can be provided.


Table of community events for Metlakatla

1 Refer to the OARS calendar for vessel scheduling.

What current mitigation measures are in place during the Stabilization Phase?

  • Fares: All fares will follow a flat rate pricing structure until further notice.
  • Policies: DOT&PF is establishing a formal policy for supporting alternative travel options during disruptions. This is informed by public comments received to date and future engagement.
  • Communications: Real-time text message updates will be developed to communicate where vessels are, and ship Wi-Fi will be installed for the crew first, then expanded to passengers.

What is next?

Recovering reliability will take time. As the course to this recovery is underway, engagement with the community will help strengthen future decision-making around allocating resources as they become available.