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Air Cargo

AIAS the connection between North America, Far East, and Europe

The Alaska International Airport System (AIAS) is strategically located on the Great Circle Route midway between Asia and North America.  And, Alaska offers the greatest flexibility in the United States for profit-maximizing on-line and interline cargo transfer operations.

Alaska-specific air cargo regulations allow both foreign and U.S. air carriers to:

  • Transfer and trans-load freely and flexibly
  • Maximize the utility of  alliance partnerships
  • Lower operating costs by eliminating less productive legs
  • Increase market penetration through partners’ networks
  • Utilize aircraft more efficiently by eliminating beyond Alaska flights
  • Test market conditions without committing aircraft by utilizing code-share agreements

Bottom line: you’ll optimize the profitability of any North America – Asia cargo route with a technical and/or cargo transfer/hub operation in Alaska.  That’s why Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is #2 in the United States for the landed cargo weight and #5 in the world for cargo throughput.

Alaska’s geography and liberal cargo transfer rights offer carriers an unbeatable combination: less risk with higher payoffs

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