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Finance Section

Cris Cowles-Brunton
Department Finance Officer


Elizabeth Dunayski
Grants & Projects Chief


Christina Zepp
ICAP Manager/
Fund Accountant


Imelda Soriano
Facilities Services Accountant


ICAP Rate Memos


Section Responsibilites

  • Indirect Cost Allocation Plan and Indirect Fixed Utilization Rate
  • Schedule of federal assistance
  • One Card Coordination
  • IRIS structures
  • RSA processing and billing
  • Federal Reporting
  • T&E audits and error resolution
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Travel
  • Project Structures
  • Project Control Financial Reporting
  • Business Process and System Analysis
  • Capital Project Status Reporting
  • Capital Budget
  • Producing the weekly bill for reimbursement from various federal, state, and local governmental entities, in addition to businesses around the state.