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Eligible Capital Projects


All equipment purchased under these programs must be used to provide passenger transportation services. Examples of eligible capital projects include:

  • Passenger service vehicles.
  • Commuter vans.
  • Refurbishment of existing vehicles.
  • Vehicle retrofit for wheelchair lifts.
  • Replacement parts for passenger service vehicles.
  • Communications equipment.
  • Computer hardware and data systems; dispatching software.
  • Other equipment such as bicycle racks and fare boxes.
  • Bus shelters, accessible features for sidewalks and facilities.
  • Maintenance equipment (such as bus lifts).
  • Security equipment.

NOTE: All equipment purchased with FTA funds must be part of an asset management plan Excel Document (28 KB).


Construction projects involve building a transit-related facility. Examples of eligible construction projects include:

  • Bus transfer stations.
  • Maintenance facilities.
  • Bus shelters

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