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Tribal Transit Program Funds
[Public Transportation on Indian Reservations 5311(c)]

Safe, Accountable, Flexible,  Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) created a new Tribal Transit Program, and funds it as a takedown under the Section 5311 program. Under the Tribal Transit Program, Federally-recognized Indian tribes are eligible direct recipients. Based upon an annual national competitive selection process, The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awards Tribal Transit grants directly to eligible Indian tribes. off site link

Project Eligibility

FTA Section 5311(c) TTP funds can be used for any purpose authorized under the Section 5311 program, including public transportation capital projects, operating cost of equipment and facilities for use in public transportation, planning, and the acquisition of public transportation services, and service agreements with private providers of public transportation. The federal/non-federal match ratio is 100:0.

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