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Our Mission:

To support the DOT&PF mission by providing access and mobility within the communities of Alaska, both urban and non-urban, through transit services that are safe, appealing, efficient, and easily-available to both the general public and transit-dependent populations.

Our Goals:

  1. Assist in the maintenance, development, and improvement of public transportation systems, including providing a mechanism for systematic replacement of existing fleets.
  2. Facilitate the most efficient use of all funds and most effective delivery of services through the coordination of programs and services.
  3. Encourage greater local support of transit systems, fostering a federal-state-local partnership in maintaining a stable funding base for transit.
  4. Ensure that transit investment decisions consider policy directions, customer input, available resources, system performance, and funding levels.
  5. Develop and maintain positive relationships with ADOT&PF customers through communication and responsiveness.


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