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Harding Lake Assoc. photoThe Harding Lake Association crew cleaning their adopted stretch of the Richardson Highway.

An organization/group requesting to adopt a section of highway for litter control or other services agrees to comply with the following guidelines:

  • All litter pick up activities will be restricted to the areas of the right of way outside the pavement and shoulder areas.
  • Litter pick up will be accomplished in the median area of multi-lane or freeway type roadways, only with the approval of the Regional Director of Maintenance.
  • No person under the age of 11 years will be permitted to pick up litter within the highway right of way. All persons between the ages of 11 and 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult per 5 persons under the age of 18.
  • Each organization shall designate a Contact/Safety Representative who will arrange to check out the Adopt-A-Highway Safety Video for group viewing prior to the first scheduled litter pick up. That representative will be responsible for safety meetings, and for obtaining and returning vests and signs.
  • A safety meeting will be conducted immediately prior to each scheduled litter pick up. In this meeting, the workers should be apprised of the hazardous nature of the work that they will be performing. Periodic review of the Safety Video is recommended.
  • No litter pick up will be performed unless the adopting organization has displaced the appropriate advance warning signs. (DOT & PF will furnish the appropriate signs).
  • All persons engaged in litter pick up on the right of way will wear an appropriate safety vest. (DOT & PF will furnish the appropriate vest).
  • The group shall obtain required signs, vests and bags from the department during regular business hours. The group’s representative, prior to clean up, should call the department to schedule a time to pick up and return the signs. (Only a limited number are available).
  • Vests and unused bags furnished by the department shall be returned to the department after the last clean up of the season.
  • The adopting organization will dispose of all bags of litter as appropriate.
  • The adopting organization will provide all plants, seeds, fertilizer, etc. needed to perform any special projects that would be included in the scope of other eligible activities (planting, landscaping).
  • The adopting organization will support activities which will influence and encourage the public to improve roadside appearance.
  • The adopting organization will promote the activities of the organization through media attention.
  • If is further understood by the adopting organization that the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities will:
    • Erect an identification sign on each end of the adopted highway section to recognize the adopting organization’s activities and efforts.
    • Furnish a set of appropriate advance warning signs (to be set up and maintained in place during litter pick up activities by the adopting organization) when available.
    • Furnish appropriate safety vests for all persons involved in litter pick up for the adopting organization.
    • Furnish all litter bags needed by the adopting organization.
    • Collect and dispose of all litter which is picked up and bagged by the adopting organization, if they are unable to do so themselves.
    • Meet with Contact/Safety Representatives prior to first scheduled pick up and at least one time annually thereafter to provide safety information, literature, a safety video, and answer questions.
    • If at the end of a nine-month period it is determined that the adopting organization has not conducted a cleanup activity, the department will cancel their agreement and remove the signs.