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Did You Know...?

Adopt-A-Highway Facts

  • The Alaska Adopt-A-Highway Program was implemented in 1991.
  • The Peninsula District's total center lane miles for the Adopt-A-Highway program is approximately 212 with 182 currently adopted.
  • Researchers calculate that 55% of all littering is done intentionally by people who drop or discard products.*
  • 45% of roadside litter occurs unintentionally when trash blows out of uncovered trucks or falls off unsecured loads.*
  • Food and beverage packaging constitutes 51% of roadside litter.*
  • Litter is unsightly. It destroys the natural beauty of our roadsides.
  • Scenic and litter-free highways say “welcome” to visitors and shows our pride as Alaskans.
  • The Adopt-A-Highway Program provides a great opportunity for both volunteer and sponsor groups to promote civic responsibility and community pride.
  • The annual cost of roadside litter control nationwide is $115 million.
  • Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world and are toxic to the environment.*

*Source: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Decomposition Time of Litter
Glass bottle 1 million years
Plastic bag 10-20 years
Styrofoam cup over 500 years
Plastic 6-pack cover 450 years
Aluminum can 200-500 years
Rubber boot sole 50-80 years
Cigarette butt 1-5 years
Orange or banana peel 2-5 weeks
Source: California Waste Management Bulletin
Most Common Litter Sources
uncovered trucks
improperly contained household garbage
improper commercial bins
improperly contained construction litter
Source: West Virginia DOT