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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact your regional Adopt-A-Highway coordinator.
Question How does the Alaska Adopt-A-Highway program work?
Answer Adopt-A-Highway Coordinators work with groups to adopt available
sections of state-maintained highway.
Question What sort of safety precautions should I take?
Answer Safety comes first! Check out the Safety section of our website for helpful tips on on staying safe while cleaning up your highway segment.
Question How often does my group need to pickup our sponsored stretch of highway?
Answer Volunteer groups sign contracts with Alaska DOT&PF agreeing to remove litter from their adopted stretch a minimum of three times each year. Heavily-traveled roads may require additional pickups.
Question What can I have on my sign?
Answer Alaska DOT&PF posts signs at each end of the adopted section with a group’s name to show its participation in the program.
Question How long do I have to commit?
Answer Initially the adopted highway is contracted for three years. A group may keep its adopted section of highway indefinitely if the contract is renewed at the end of each three year period and the required number of pickups is done.
Question How long is the section of road I'll be adopting?
Answer Each adopted section of highway is approximately three miles long.
Question Where do we get the supplies for our cleanup?
Answer Alaska DOT&PF also provides safety training, safety vests and trash bags.
Question How do we get started?
Answer Contact your regional coordinator for more information about adopting a highway in your area.